1. Single Ended Germicidal Lamps (Preheat Start) - T5 4PThe UV lamp has a power range of 4W-79W, and its useful life is as long as 10000 hours. Our product makes use of superior quartz glass, and the UV transmittance is over 90%. In addition, the 4P single ended structure allows convenient installation, saving a lot of space...
    1. Double Ended Germicidal Lamps (Preheat Start) - T6 2POur T6 UV lamps contain many models with power range of 15W-75W, and they have passed both CE and RoHS certifications. The 2P double ended structure greatly simplifies installation process, and the high-quality quartz glass possesses a high UV transmittance which reaches up to 90% or even higher...

Standard UV Germicidal Lamps

The standard UV germicidal lamps refer to ones with standard transparent glass envelope, and the glass envelope is manufactured from high-purity quartz sand with the help of automatically controlled continuous melting equipment. The fused quartz is characterized by high purity, good thermal stability, high UV transmittance, low OH content and other properties.

Based on the glass tube formulation, our UV bactericidal lamp is classified into three types.
1. L-Type UV Lamp

The L-type UV lamp, where L means low ozone producing, is also known as ozone free or non-ozone producing lamp, and it uses quartz tube that allows high optical transmission of 254nm UV light but blocks UV wavelength of 185nm. Technically speaking, about 95 percent of the emitted UV light has a peak wavelength of 254nm, which will directly inactivate bacteria, viruses and mold spores.

2. VH-Type UV Lamp
The VH-type UV lamp, where VH stands for very high ozone producing, is a kind of ozone generating UV germicidal lamp, and its glass tube is made of clear fused quartz to allow transmission of UV light with wavelengths of both 185nm and 254nm. The 185nm UV light reacts with oxygen gas in the air to form high-concentration ozone which works as a strong oxidant to kill microorganisms promptly.

3. L+VH Joint UV Lamp
As the self-explanatory name implies, our L+VH joint UV lamp makes use of a glass tube that is fabricated by combining L and VH glass through special processing steps. The tube shape, tube size and ozone content could be made-to-order as requested by customers, and this product will give standard UV output if the input power and input current are standard.

On the other hand, UV germicidal lamp could be divided on the basis of start mode.
1. Preheat UV Lamp

The preheat UV lamp is operated by a preheat start circuit, and the applied ballast is compact and less expensive. This preheat circuit should be connected to four pins of the lamp, and the run-up time is usually several seconds or a little longer. However, preheated germicidal lamps are enabled to start up instantly now, and this is realized by changing the circuit or with the help of electronic ballast.

In general, these preheated lamps are extensively applied in water treatment, air purification and surface disinfection.

2. Instant Start UV Lamp
The instant start UV lamp is able to start instantly as a result of two coil filaments which are set separately on two ends of the glass tube. The useful lamp life is determined by the electrode life, and is also affected by the frequency of starting.

The instant start lamps are widely used in air purification and duct system.

Available Model
1. T5 2P double ended germicidal lamps (preheat start)
2. T5 4P single ended germicidal lamps (preheat start)
3. T5 SP single ended germicidal lamps (instant start)
4. T6 2P double ended germicidal lamps (preheat start)
5. T8 2P double ended germicidal lamps (preheat start)

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