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High Intensity UV Germicidal Lamps

The high intensity UV germicidal lamp is a kind of high output germicidal light, and it adopts a specially designed structure. Several high-quality quartz tubes with different tube diameters are jointed together through some particular processing steps, resulting in a much higher UV output level. Technically speaking, our product outputs twice the amount of UV energy when compared to a standard UV lamp of the same tube length.

1. As illustrated above, this UV germicidal lamp gives out more UV light, indicating that much higher disinfection efficiency is obtained without installing more lamps, or, fewer lamps will offer the same disinfection efficiency.

2. Our bactericidal UV lamps are available in different kinds of bases, including 4P single ended type, 2P double ended type, SP double ended and other types. So, customers could select the best one according to specific application.

3. These high intensity lamps conform to CE and RoHS standards, and they can be tailored to better fit every customer. The most commonly adopted power ratings are 65W and 110W, and the useful life reaches up to 10000 hours.

This UV germicidal lamp is universally incorporated into biosafety cabinet, air sterilizer, disinfection trolley and other medical instruments for air purification.

Technical Data
Model Dimensions (mm) Lamp power (W) Lamp current (mA) Lamp voltage (V) UV output at 1 meter Rated life (h)
Tube diameter Length μW/cm2 W
GX1055L/2P 19+15 1055 65 800 120 260 30 10000
GX1055L/4P 19+15 1055 65 800 120 260 30 10000
GX48L/2P 38+15 1146 110 800 145 420 48 10000
GX48L/4P 38+15 1146 110 800 145 420 48 10000

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