1. PL/H Germicidal LampsThese CE and RoHS certificated bactericidal lamps have a compact structure, and this helps to cut down installation space and cost. Moreover, the tube end is far from discharge area, so the tube wall temperature is relatively lower, thereby ensuring uniform UV output...
    1. U-shaped Germicidal LampsOur UV lamps are CE and RoHS approved, and there are many kinds of lamp bases to choose from. Moreover, spiral tube is provided upon request, and its small size allows convenient use...

Compact UV Germicidal Lamps

Our compact UV germicidal lamp is a perfect choice when strong UV irradiation is required in a limited space. There are two kinds of such products now, including PL type and U-shaped type.

The PL type, also referred to as H-shaped type, connects two linear tubes together at the end of every tube, while the U-shaped type is formed by direct bending. These UV germicidal lamps are often incorporated into air sterilizers, air purifiers and other disinfection units that are used in hospitals, ponds, fish tanks, air duct systems, HVAC systems, etc.

Related Names
PL Germicidal Lamp | H-shaped UV Lamp | U-shaped Germicidal Lamp | Specialty UV Lamp