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Self-Ballasted Germicidal UV Bulbs

The self-ballasted (SB) germicidal UV bulbs are manufactured from high-purity transparent quartz glass, and they are subdivided into ozone free type and ozone generating type.

1. Our product complies with CE and RoHS standards, and its compact size helps users out from complicated installation work.

2. This self ballast mercury vapor lamp is mainly driven by AC power supply including 230VAC/50Hz and 120VAC/60Hz, and external ballast is not needed but a capacitor should be connected. Moreover, DC power supply is also able to start up this bulb conveniently.

3. The SB UV lamp is able to withstand more than 20000 times of on/off switch, and the 254nm UV output is over 30μW/cm2 at 30cm for GTL2.

Our germicidal UV bulb has found a great many of applications, and it is particularly used in refrigerators, disinfection cabinets, microwave ovens, toothbrush sanitizers, make up brush sanitizers and other small sized or portable electrical appliances.

Technical Data
Model Dimensions (mm) Power (W) Current (mA) Voltage (V) UV output at 30cm (μW/cm2) Rated life (h)
Diameter Cap base Length
GTL2 20 E17 55 2 220 10 30 3000
GTL3 20 E17 63 3 330 10 120 3000

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UVC Lamp | UVC Light | UVC Bulb

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