1. Amalgam Lamps

      Thanks to the distinctive manufacturing technique, the germicidal lamp is able to output high-intensity UV light in a wide temperature range, from 4°C to 60°C.

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    1. Standard UV Germicidal Lamps

      The standard UV germicidal lamps refer to ones with standard transparent glass envelope, and the glass envelope is manufactured from high-purity quartz sand with the help of automatically controlled continuous melting equipment.

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    1. High Output UV Germicidal Lamps

      Our HO quartz lamp uses high-quality quartz tube to yield 2/3 more UV light when compared to a standard lamp of the same length. As a result, the sterilization efficiency will be enhanced greatly without employing more lamps, or in other words, the number of lamps could be decreased without compromising functionality of the disinfection system.

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    1. High Intensity UV Germicidal LampsSeveral high-quality quartz tubes with different tube diameters are jointed together through some particular processing steps, resulting in a much higher UV output level. Technically speaking, our product outputs twice the amount of UV energy when compared to a standard UV lamp of the same tube length.
    1. Compact UV Germicidal Lamps

      Our compact UV germicidal lamp is a perfect choice when strong UV irradiation is required in a limited space. There are two kinds of such products now, including PL type and U-shaped type.

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    1. Self-Ballasted Germicidal UV BulbsThis self ballast mercury vapor lamp is mainly driven by AC power supply including 230VAC/50Hz and 120VAC/60Hz, and external ballast is not needed but a capacitor should be connected. Moreover, DC power supply is also able to start up this bulb conveniently.
    1. Cold Cathode Germicidal UV Lamps

      As a CE and RoHS certificated product, it is able to work for 15000 hours, and it can be started up by either AC or DC power supply. In general, there are two commonly used types which are linear germicidal lamp (GCL) and U-shaped germicidal lamp (GCU).

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    1. Medical Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamps

      Generally speaking, the ozone free type is more commonly used, because it primarily emits UV light with wavelength of 253.7nm which could kill microorganisms directly. As for the ozone producing type, it gives out UV light with peak wavelength of 185nm.

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    1. UV Air PurifiersOur air cleaner is extensively used in commercial and residential UV sterilization systems to inactivate microorganisms, so it is often used to disinfect air, water and exposed surfaces.
    1. Waterproof UV Modules

      Thanks to the unique sealing technique, excelling waterproof performance is obtained. Moreover, the special anti-vibration design significantly reduces damaging risk of quartz sleeve.

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    1. Quartz Sleeves

      As a kind of UV spares, it is characterized by high purity, high UV transmittance, good thermal stability and remarkable dimensional accuracy, making it an indispensable device for water treatment and waste gas treatment.

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    1. Specific Germicidal Lamp BasesWe could provide worldwide customers with a great number of specific germicidal lamp bases, and they are widely thought to be highly cost effective products. These UV lamp fittings are compatible with commonly used UV germicidal devices, and they allow convenient change.
    1. UV Lamp Ballasts and Fittings

      We could supply various kinds of ballasts, inverters and other fittings that match well with UV lamps, such as lamp base, O ring, fixing clamp, dust-proof jacket, UV intensity probe, UV intensity tester and other devices, to better meet customers’ requirements.

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UV Lamps

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