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Wall Mounted UV Air Disinfection System

The wall mounted UV air disinfection system is an indirect air disinfector that is based on UV light and air recirculation. It uses UV light to effectively deactivate airborne bacteria and viruses to prevent the spread of disease and improve air quality, thereby offering a hygiene environment for medical personnel and patients.

The unique disinfection cavity makes it possible to implement continuous air disinfection in the presence of people, and the built-in air filtration system makes use of physical filtration and laminar flow technology to remove dust and bacteria in the air.

1. This indoor air disinfection unit doesn’t generate peculiar smell or radiation when working, and the machine body won’t get corroded.

2. Our UV air disinfection system is outfitted with several components to realize different functions. For example, the durable UV lamp gives out high intensity UV light to kill microorganisms, the negative ion generator creates negative ions to refresh air, while photocatalyst and activated carbon are combined together to removal odor.

3. This UV air purifier is operated automatically by a microcomputer, and it can be turned on or shut down at a predetermined time. Moreover, an infrared controller and a digital display panel are both adopted to achieve convenient manipulation.

4. When it comes to air recirculation, the wind speed and wind direction can be adjusted as well. This UV air disinfection system is able to check if the lamp fails to work.

5. High quality ballasts are optional, and they have anti-interference metal enclosure to ensure stable and reliable performance. In addition, cross-flow fan is equipped.

Application Range
1. Hospital: Operating room, supply room, medication room, patient room, treatment room, rest room, etc.
2. Blood station: Blood taking room, bioclean room, blood bank, etc.
3. Food and beverage plant: Manufacturing workshop, warehouse, buffer room, changing room, laboratory, etc.
4. Pharmaceutical factory: Sterile workshop, warehouse, buffer room, changing room, laboratory, etc.
5. Livestock breeding plant: Poultry farming room, sterile inoculation room, etc.

  • KT-B80 Wall Mounted UV Air Disinfection System
  • KT-B100 Wall Mounted UV Air Disinfection System
Technical Data
Model Air flow Room volume Input power HEPA Programme control Remote control Installation size
KT ≥600m3/h ≤60m3 ≤180W Yes Yes Yes 27×20×80cm
KT-B80 ≥900m3/h ≤80m3 ≤200W Yes Yes Yes 32×20×98cm
KT-B100 ≥1000m3/h ≤100m3 ≤250W Yes Yes Yes 32×23×107cm
Disinfection effect ≤200 cfu/m3
Outer UV leakage ≤0 μW/cm3
Inner UV intensity ≥13800 μW/cm3
Ozone concentration ≤0 mg/m3
Lamp life ≥5000 hours
Negative oxygen ion emission ≤6×106 ions/m3
Power supply 220V/50Hz
Noise level ≤50 dB(A)
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