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Floor Standing UV Air Disinfection System

The floor standing UV air disinfection system is an indirect air disinfection device which means it could work continuously when there is personal occupancy. Our product offers large air volume, and it is able to provide high intensity UV light during its long service life.

The touch buttons and big display screen deliver a luxury feeling, and the metal parts are constructed from high quality Q235-B cold roll steel sheet. Moreover, the surface of this air purification equipment undergoes electrostatic spraying treatment to make it sturdy and durable.

1. Our air disinfection system is controlled by a microcomputer, and it will detect if there is a failure for the UV lamp.

2. The pre-filter and HEPA work together to achieve double filtration, and electrostatic adsorption is used to remove particles and bacteria away from air. Moreover, negative ions could purify air, while photocatalyst (TiO2) and activated carbon are important for odor removal.

3. The air flow rate is adjustable within three levels which are high, medium and low, and air direction contains many choices.

4. This air purifier automatically records working time, and an infrared controller is offered to facilitate operation.

Technical Data of Floor Standing UV Air Disinfection System
Model Air flow Room volume Input power HEPA Programme control Remote control Installation size
KT-G120 ≥1300m3/h ≤120m3 ≤380W Yes Yes Yes 54×28×178
KT-G150 ≥1500m3/h ≤150m3 ≤530W Yes Yes Yes 54×35×178
Disinfection effect ≤200 cfu/m3
Outer UV leakage ≤0 μW/cm3
Inner UV intensity ≥13800 μW/cm3
Ozone concentration ≤0 mg/m3
Lamp life ≥5000 hours
Negative oxygen ion emission ≤6×106 ions/m3
Power supply 220V/50Hz
Noise level ≤50 dB(A)
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