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Movable UV Air Disinfection System

The movable UV air disinfection system is a kind of indirect air disinfection device with beautiful look, and it can be transported from one room to another to sterilize air.

This mobile air disinfector can be equipped with ozone disinfection module to realize double sterilization by UV light and ozone.

Technical Data of Movable UV Air Disinfection System
Model Air flow Room volume Input power HEPA Programme control Remote control Installation size
KT-G100 ≥1000m3/h ≤100m3 ≤250W Yes Yes Yes 30×39×88cm
KT-G120 ≥1300m3/h ≤120m3 ≤360W Yes Yes Yes 38×53×94cm
Disinfection effect ≤200 cfu/m3
Outer UV leakage ≤0 μW/cm3
Inner UV intensity ≥13800 μW/cm3
Ozone concentration ≤0 mg/m3
Lamp life ≥5000 hours
Negative oxygen ion emission ≤6×106 ions/m3
Power supply 220V/50Hz
Noise level ≤50 dB(A)
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