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UV Disinfection Trolley

The UV disinfection trolley is a movable disinfection device, and it includes two models which are ZXC and ZXC-D. The following paragraphs give brief introductions on these two models.

ZXC is a roll-around disinfection cart that makes use of two germicidal lamps for indoor air purification and surface sterilization through direct irradiation, and it is characterized by high UV intensity and good mobility. Moreover, the lamp angle is adjustable, and disinfection time could be set at any value within 0-60 minutes with the help of the timer.

The ZXC-D UV disinfection trolley is outfitted with H-shaped high intensity germicidal lamp, and it has a compact structure. In addition, the lamp holder could be lifted.

1. Hospital: Operating room, supply room, medication room, patient room, treatment room, rest room, etc.
2. Blood station: Blood taking room, bioclean room, blood bank, etc.
3. Food and beverage plant: Manufacturing workshop, warehouse, buffer room, changing room, laboratory, etc.
4. Pharmaceutical factory: Sterile workshop, warehouse, buffer room, changing room, laboratory, etc.
5. Livestock breeding plant: Poultry farming room, sterile inoculation room, etc.

Technical Data
Model Input power Lamp angle adjustment UV wavelength Power supply
ZXC 2×30W 0°-180° 253.7nm 220V/50Hz
ZXC-D 2×36W Lifted (up and down) 253.7nm 220V/50Hz
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