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Desktop UV Lamp

The ZXJ-T30W desktop UV lamp is a lightweight sterilization device with artistic look, and its lamp arm allows free adjustment, making it applicable in different conditions.

1. Our table-type disinfection system combines several functions together, including ultraviolet sterilization, ozone disinfection, air purification and odor removing (by ozone and negative oxygen ion). Moreover, mechanical timing, programmable timing and far infrared security control are also realized.

2. This benchtop UV germicidal lamp utilizes an H-shaped glass tube to emit UV light and ozone respectively, thereby achieving double disinfection without any unprocessed area. In addition, the tube is made of quartz glass which shows high UV transmittance.

3. The desktop UV lamp has a rated power of 30W, and its useful life is over 5000 hours. The disinfection time could be set at any value within 0-120 minutes to fit for every specific application.

Technical Data
Model Input power Lamp life UV wavelength UV intensity Disinfection time
ZXJ-T30W 30W ≥5000h 253.7nm ≥90μW/cm2 0-120 minutes

Related Names
Table UV

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