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Ozone Air Disinfection System

The ozone air disinfection system takes tubular ozone generator as its core component which uses air to make high concentration ozone during working. The produced ozone will sterilize air because it is a powerful oxidizer, and after air sterilization, it decomposes into diatomic oxygen automatically without any ozone residual or side effect, thereby offering a more economical and eco-friendly way to disinfect air.

Our air disinfector utilizes a new ozone generating technique to produce a large amount of ozone, so it is capable of large-area air and surface disinfection, and forced air convection effectively shortens disinfection cycle. On the other hand, infrared remote controller and programmable timer with digital display are both equipped to this ozone disinfector, while operation time is recorded and revealed automatically.

Technical Data
Model Disinfection capacity Power consumption Power supply Ozone output Programmable control Remote control Installation size
CYJ-100 (wall mounted) ≤100m3 50W ~220V/50Hz 3000mg/h Yes Yes 30×17×70cm
CYJ-100 (movable) >100m3 70W ~220V/50Hz 6000mg/h Yes Yes 29×20×70cm

When our ozone air disinfection system is working, please close doors and windows, and people mustn’t enter into the room being disinfected because ozone is harmful to human.

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