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Ozone Disinfection System for Hospital Bed

Hygiene Problems in Hospitals and Hotels
In hospitals and hotels, the bedding, mattress, pillow, towel and patient clothing are frequently used by different people, thus leaving a lot of bacteria and viruses on them. For hygiene considerations, these facilities must be carefully disinfected before further use.

Our Solution
As the self-explanatory name implies, our ozone disinfection system for hospital bed is particularly designed to solve these annoying yet important problems.

The hospital bed sterilizer utilizes air compression technology to make ozone penetrate into the internal side of cotton and other objects to effectively kill all kinds of bacteria, viruses and mold spores, and the kill rate could reach up to 99%. The ozone generator, made of stainless steel and ceramic, offers large quantity of high concentration ozone, and its useful life is very long. Moreover, this ozone disinfection system could also remove some peculiar smells, such as odor generated by drug, blood, etc.

1. As an effective ozone system for bed sterilization, our ozone bed sterilizer uses a new type of ozone conversion technique to eliminate ozone after disinfection, thus doing no damage to the environment.

2. The entire disinfection process is controlled by computer, and the control mode is divided into manual type and automatic type. The treatment time of every step could be adjusted within 1-99 minutes, and the display panel greatly facilitates operations when use.

3. This ozone disinfection system could deal with two beds simultaneously, and the ozone concentration is increased gradually during disinfection.

4. Time setting is saved automatically to help operators out from heavy operation work, and our ozone disinfector will auto-check whether there is any fault. If the answer is yes, it will shut down and give an alarm. In addition, the air pump and pipes are resistant to oxidation, thus ensuring their long life.

5. Our ozone disinfection system allows convenient movement, and it may work as a high concentration ozone generator.

Technical Data
Model CXJ-2J
Input power ≤380W
Output pressure 20KPa
Power supply 220V/50Hz
Time setting range 1-99 minutes
Noise level ≤50db(A)
Overall size 36×38×98cm
Ozone concentration when working ≥1000mg/m3
Ozone leakage and residual rate ≤0.16mg/m3
Working flow 1. Vacuuming
2. Ozone releasing
3. Disinfection
4. Ozone conversion
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