1. Wall Mounted UV Air Disinfection SystemThe unique disinfection cavity makes it possible to implement continuous air disinfection in the presence of people, and the built-in air filtration system makes use of physical filtration and laminar flow technology to remove dust and bacteria in the air.
    1. Floor Standing UV Air Disinfection SystemThe pre-filter and HEPA work together to achieve double filtration, and electrostatic adsorption is used to remove particles and bacteria away from air. Moreover, negative ions could purify air, while photocatalyst (TiO2) and activated carbon are important for odor removal.
    1. UV Disinfection TrolleyZXC is a roll-around disinfection cart that makes use of two germicidal lamps for indoor air purification and surface sterilization through direct irradiation, and it is characterized by high UV intensity and good mobility.
    1. Desktop UV LampOur table-type disinfection system combines several functions together, including ultraviolet sterilization, ozone disinfection, air purification and odor removing (by ozone and negative oxygen ion). Moreover, mechanical timing, programmable timing and far infrared security control are also realized.
    1. Ozone Air Disinfection SystemOur air disinfector utilizes a new ozone generating technique to produce a large amount of ozone, so it is capable of large-area air and surface disinfection, and forced air convection effectively shortens disinfection cycle.
    1. Ozone Disinfection System for Hospital BedThe hospital bed sterilizer utilizes air compression technology to make ozone penetrate into the internal side of cotton and other objects to effectively kill all kinds of bacteria, viruses and mold spores, and the kill rate could reach up to 99%.

UV Disinfection System

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