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Ultra-Thin X-Ray Film Viewer

The ultra-thin X-ray film viewer is used to check X-ray films with different sizes, especially when high brightness is required. Its ultra thin design enables it to be mounted on walls firmly and safely just like a plasma display panel, allowing simple movement and making better use of space. Moreover, our ultra slim LED film viewer is able to deliver stable and precise performance in convenient operation, so it is the ideal X-ray film viewing equipment.

1. This medical instrument emits uniform light without generating flicker problems, and it won’t lead to eye fatigue even if inspectors need to watch for a long time, thus well protecting human’s eyes.

2. Our X-ray film viewer is developed on the basis of leading-edge LED backlight technology, and the multi-layer optical structure confers some outstanding properties to our product, such as high brightness, uniform illumination, wide brightness adjustment range and others. These characteristics significantly improve viewing result, and this wall mounted X-ray view box will offer satisfying performance under different working conditions.

3. The light source is based on lead and mercury free LED, thereby avoiding some commonly encountered disadvantages caused by high-voltage excitation and hazardous materials in conventional lamps. Meanwhile, LED light also features low working voltage, long service life, energy saving and environmentally friendly performance.

4. The X-ray film viewer makes use of some exquisite film holders to make it extremely easy to take down X-ray films, and our product can be powered by various kinds of power supply, ranging from 100VAC to 240VAC. For places where mains electricity is hard to access, DC power is also acceptable.

5. Acrylic sheet is adopted to fabricate viewing screens and optical paths. This material exhibits better light transmittance than glass, and it is firm and durable enough to prevent deforming and color fading problems.

6. When it comes to appearance, our high brightness film viewer has an ultra slim body. Additionally, this lightweight X-ray film viewer uses matching colors to create an elegant feel, and it allows flexible installation.

Optical Performance
1. Center brightness: ≥3000cd/m2 (adjustable)
2. Scattering coefficient: >0.9
3. Color temperature: ≥6500K
4. The viewing screen is able to give out light in 1 second without flicker, delay, abnormal sound and other phenomena.

Technical Data of X-Ray Film Viewer
Type Frame size (mm) Screen size (mm) Power (W) Power supply Life (h)
Single bay 466×547×23 360×440 24 AC220V/50Hz
or DC24V
Double bay 826×547×23 720×440 48
Triple bay 1186×547×23 1080×440 72
Quad bay 1546×547×23 1440×440 96
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