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X-Ray Film Viewer

The X-ray film viewer is a medical instrument, and it gives out gentle light to make it easy to clearly inspect X-ray transparencies that are of various standard sizes. The housing is made of high quality aluminum alloy sections, and the viewing screen is manufactured from acrylic perspex to guarantee its milk white and beautiful appearance.

This X-ray film reading device uses film holders to fix X-ray films to be viewed, and these films could be put on or taken down conveniently. Owing to these properties, our X-ray film viewer is an indispensable device in healthcare centers.

Technical Data
Type Screen size (mm) Power consumption Power supply
Single bay 360×435mm 50W 220/50Hz
Double bay 720×435mm 80W 220/50Hz
Triple bay 1080×435mm 120W 220/50Hz
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