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Surgical Light

Our surgical light mainly refers to two products which are ID luminescence one-hole operating light and reflecting lamp.

Product 1: ID Luminescence One-Hole Operating Light
The ID luminescence one-hole operating light is a mobile floor-stand model with novel design and aesthetic appearance, and it allows flexible use. So, it often serves as auxiliary lighting device in department of otolaryngology, department of urology, gynaecology and obstetrics as well as operating rooms.

For this cold light operating lamp, its height is adjustable within 1000-1600mm, and the lighthead uses spherical joint to realize 90 degrees of adjustment in four directions which are left, right, forward and backward. Moreover, the foot switch is set on the base to facilitate operation.

Technical Data
1. Power supply: 220V±10%/50Hz
2. Power consumption: 30W
3. Light intensity at 1m: ≥12000lux

Product 2: Reflecting Lamp
In examination rooms, our reflecting lamp is able to work as an illumination tool when close examination is carried out, and it is also an independent light source for nose or oral cavity surgeries.

This surgical light makes use of frosted incandescent light bulb to generate light with excellent color rendition. The flexible pipe is able to bend for 0-90 degrees, and it is connected to and moves vertically with the extension arm.

Technical Data
1. Power Supply: 220V/50Hz
2. Power consumption: 60-100W
3. Adjustment range of extension arm: 0-400mm
4. Adjustment range of flexible pipe: 0-90°

1. Regulate lighthead to a desired height, and screw the knob tightly for positioning. Then, use your hand to hold and bend the flexible pipe to the needed angle so as to locate the lighthead. Please don’t bend the lighthead directly or the Bakelite lamp holder will be damaged.
2. Plug the reflecting lamp to power supply, and turn on the switch for direct use. Please be noted that reliable ground connection is a must during installation.

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