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The stretcher is mainly composed of poles, stretcher sheets, stirrup feet, rubber handles and straps. The poles are manufactured from high-strength aluminum alloy, and the sheet is royal blue polyester coated fabric. In general, this is a novel, reliable, lightweight and easy-to-clean medical device.

Performance Requirement
This hospital stretcher meets the following requirements when carrying a 100kg patient, and its metal parts doesn’t suffer from permanent deformation after the load is removed.
1. The maximum bending degree of stretcher poles is not over 30mm.
2. The center of stretcher sheet sinks or goes down for less than 120mm.
3. The stirrup feet are not deformed.
4. Our first aid tool allows smooth and convenient folding without any jamming problem.

Technical Data
1. Open dimensions: 2200±10mm in length, 520±5mm in width
2. Folded dimensions: 1100±5mm in length, 520±5mm in width
3. Load capacity: ≤100kg

Our folding stretcher is used for patient removal in hospitals and other medical institutions.

Unfold this fast fold litter first, and pull the waist bands on the backside to support stretcher sheet for direct use. Users could also make straps pass through rubber handles, and then place these straps around the necks of workers for long-distance patient removal.

1. It is not allowed to deal with patients who are heavier than 100kg.
2. Please pay attention to your hands when pulling waist bands in case they are pinched.

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