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Underarm Crutch

The underarm crutch is a mobility aid that provides support and balance for disabled persons as well as patients in recovery from lower limb surgery when they are walking.

Our axillary crutches are mainly manufactured from aluminum alloy, so they possess nicer look, lighter weight, improved rust resistance, bigger weight bearing ability and other properties when compared to ones made of iron or wood.

As for structural design, the crutch height and grip distance can be adjusted at five different levels respectively, thus perfectly meeting the requirements of people in different height. Owing to these, this axilla crutch is a very practical medical device.

1. After adjustment, please fix the fastening screws tightly, and remember to check if these screws are loose during use.
2. When the spare rubber pad is taken out to replace the worn one, please wrap the aluminum pole with some protective materials to avoid scratching people.
3. Our underarm crutch mustn’t be used as a crowbar because if so, the aluminum pole may get deformed or even cracked, which is very dangerous for further use.

Technical Data
Height Distance between two hand grips Hand grip length
Dimension ≥1110-1260mm ≥340-480mm 100±5mm
Adjustment 5 level 5 level -
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