1. Ultra-Thin X-Ray Film ViewerThis medical instrument emits uniform light without generating flicker problems, and it won’t lead to eye fatigue even if inspectors need to watch for a long time, thus well protecting human’s eyes.
    1. X-Ray Film ViewerThis X-ray film reading device uses film holders to fix X-ray films to be viewed, and these films could be put on or taken down conveniently. Owing to these properties, our X-ray film viewer is an indispensable device in healthcare centers.
    1. Illuminated Eye Test ChartThe illuminated eye test chart is commonly used for visual acuity testing in hospitals, and it also often seen in eyeglasses stores as well as other places. This eye test illuminator has a beautiful look, but more importantly, it gives out soft, stable and uniform light.
    1. Surgical LightFor this cold light operating lamp, its height is adjustable within 1000-1600mm, and the lighthead uses spherical joint to realize 90 degrees of adjustment in four directions which are left, right, forward and backward. Moreover, the foot switch is set on the base to facilitate operation.
    1. Stretcher The poles are manufactured from high-strength aluminum alloy, and the sheet is royal blue polyester coated fabric. In general, this is a novel, reliable, lightweight and easy-to-clean medical device.
    1. Underarm CrutchOur axillary crutches are mainly manufactured from aluminum alloy, so they possess nicer look, lighter weight, improved rust resistance, bigger weight bearing ability and other properties when compared to ones made of iron or wood.

Medical Devices

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