1. Wedge Base BulbVarious kinds of wedge base bulbs are available here, and they are manufactured from soft glass which is further divided into non-lead type (<1000ppm) and lead-containing type (≥1000ppm). Our products conform to CE and RoHS standards, and they are especially designed to offer elegant appearance.
    1. Subminiature Electron BulbThese lighting devices are constructed from soft glass, and they are primarily used for motorcycle instruments. Our electronic light is very popular in Taiwan, Korea, Southeast Asia and many other places.
    1. Instrument Light SocketOur lamp holder allows simple installation, and the high-quality copper sheet inside boasts excellent electrical conductivity, thus eliminating the potential of any failure. Moreover, these lamp sockets are resistant to acid, alkali, corrosion as well as high temperature, and they match well with our wedge base bulbs or subminiature electron bulbs.

Instrument Light

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Instrument Indicator Lamp | Wedge Base Bulb | Subminiature Electron Bulb | Instrument Light Socket | Auto Light