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Cooperation Cases

1. Chinese Clients

A leading Chinese water treatment enterprise, located in Fujian Province, has very strict requirements for UV germicidal lamps, and it authorizes Juguang as its UV lamp supplier after many times of testing.

Based on customer’s special requirements, we fabricated several sample lamps, and the test result was quite assuring. So, this client makes orders every year since 2008. As a result of this demonstration effect, several water treatment plants in Suzhou, Changzhou, Ningbo and Guangzhou decide to cooperate with us.

2. Japanese Clients

These Japanese clients came into contact with us in a professional water treatment exhibition held in Shanghai. They had cooperated with other UV lamp provider before, but the working performance was not so satisfying as they had expected.

After querying their needs, we produced high quality UV lamps according to their drawings, and the power rating included 127W, 150W, 172W, 240W, 320W and other choices. Unlike other UV lamp makers, Juguang is focused on product quality, practicability as well as appearance. Several small orders were signed one by one, and our products were proven to be of high price performance ratio, thus gaining clients’ trust. Finally, these Japanese clients decided to make a large-quantity order in 2011.

3. European Clients

The European clients came to know us in the Aquatech Amsterdam 2010. After one month of negotiation, they made a trial order, and the result turned out to be very good. Since then, they have purchased 30W and 40W UV lamps in large quantities.

4. Other Clients
In 2010, one Italian client decided to purchase our product for the first time. Now, about 1000 lamps are delivered to this factory monthly.

In the year of 2011, a client from Australia made trial orders for half a year, and our products delivered reliable performance. At present, it is a routine that this client orders several thousand lamps every month.