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Environmental Protection

For an enterprise, environmental protection is of great importance and deserves special attention. As a conscientious UV lamp manufacturer, Juguang takes emission reduction and energy conservation as its own responsibilities, and makes corresponding measures to protect the environment.

Emission Reduction
Our UV germicidal lamp is designed to effectively inactivate various types of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, and the kill rate is about 99%. After sterilization process, formerly produced ozone is reverted to oxygen gas automatically without any residuals or side effects.

As for the manufacturing process for UV germicidal lamp, there isn’t any raw material or by product that would do damage to air or water. More specifically, zero pollution is realized during tube cleaning, tube drying, pressure sealing and all the other processing steps, and unqualified lamp tubes will be recycled for further use.

Energy Conservation
The self-developed low pressure amalgam UV lamp is designed on the basis of our unique amalgam technology to make sure that it is able to generate high intensity UV light at the ambient temperature range of 4-40°C. More importantly, amalgam UV lamp contains the minimum mercury among UV lamps, and fewer amalgam lamps will be capable of dealing with the same amount of water, which greatly reduces initial purchase price and maintenance cost. After scraping, amalgam UV lamp also has less impact on the environment.