(Jiangyin Juguang Photoelectric Instrument Co., Ltd.)

Add.: No.18, Guibin Road, Ligang Industrial Park, Jiangyin New Harbor City, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China

Tel.: +86-510-86632816

Fax: +86-510-86633652

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Pre-sales Service
1. Technical Consulting: Customers could consult us by sending emails or making phone calls, and we will make corresponding answers. For example, at the beginning, customers may want to know available UV lamp models and their application fields, the differences between ozone free and ozone generating germicidal lamps or other questions, and we would offer professional information about these questions.

2. Technical Support: For customers that are in demand of tailored products, we will communicate with our technicians to propose the best solution to meet every specific requirement.

3. Product Recommendation: According to customers’ needs, we recommend some products that fit best, and we could also design and fabricate customized products if requested.

4. Drawing Design: If there are some special requirements for our products, or non-standard products are required, our technical staff could make relevant drawings for your reference.

5. Price Quotation: Based on the order quantity, we will offer a reasonable quotation.

During-sales Service
1. Lead Time: The lead time is usually within10-15 days, but an extra 10 days is also possible under some special conditions, such as desired products are made-to-order ones, or order quantity is very large.

2. Order Tracking: After orders are made, there are some professionals who are in charge of tracking these orders to ensure that qualified products will be provided as scheduled.

3. Quality Inspection: Our staff will write down inspection items deployed in manufacturing process.

4. Packing: There are mainly two packing methods, one is bubble wrap + paper box + paper carton + wooden box, and the other is EFE foam bag + paper box + paper carton + wooden box. Other methods are provided upon request.

5. Delivery: International express, air transportation and ocean transportation are all available. In general, our products are shipped to customers at ports in Shanghai, Nanjing, Ningbo, Guangzhou or other cities.

After-sales Service
1. If there are lamps damaged during delivery, we will offer the same quantity of lamps or remove corresponding part from total payment.

2. For customers that have purchased our product, we will communicate with them regularly through email to collect their suggestions.

3. If there is any problem during use, we will contact with customers in time to find out root causes, and then offer a proper solution depending on actual condition.